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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Downloading a Blog from Blogspot

During a period of years I did not keep a personal journal, but I did have this blog. So I decided to download the blog as a supplement to my journal.

After a web search I tried Blogspot2docx (BlogspotToDocxV1.6.4.exe)

It successfully downloaded the text of the blog, which was the main thing. All photos and formatting were lost. Is anyone aware of a different tool, preferably free, that includes the photos and formatting, and saves it as an editable file?

If so, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best Wishes Evelyn and Gary

The wedding was outdoors, with a temple sealing to follow at a later date. There was a decorated arch that Gary had built for his daughter's wedding a few months ago. The guests were seated on folding chairs covered with white silk covers, with a center aisle. Evelyn's daughter was the flower girl. Evelyn and Gary were attended by their children.

Bishop Steve Hudson officiated and gave a beautiful service. A minor glitch occurred in the ring ceremony. Gary’s ring was too small, but everyone took it in good humor. Soon they signed the register, and marched down the aisle as Mr & Mrs Belter.

We had just acquired an addition to our family: a son-in-law and three step grandchildren, and miscellaneous other in-laws Our family had grown!

The next thing on the schedule was all of the family photos. (We also had family photos taken last week after several years without a formal family photo.)

Then the wedding party was off to the park in Stony Plain for more photos.

The rest of us visited until they returned and it was time for supper. Gary was now wearing his ring.
Judy and I sat with family. The tributes to the bride and groom (by Gary’s children and Evelyn's sister) were very moving. Evelyn and Gary are wonderful people, and greatly loved. It was a lovely supper. Judy and I had chosen chicken, and even looking at the burgers and steaks chosen by others, I felt that it was a perfect meal.

After the supper, was the dance. The first dance was by Gary and his mother, and Evelyn and me. It has been so long since a last danced, that I had two left feet. As I remarked to Evelyn, “It is a good thing the photographer is taking still photos, as if he was taking video it would be obvious that I had no idea what I was doing”.

Evelyn looked beautiful and happy; Gary looked handsome and happy, a well matched couple.

After dancing for a while, the guests started putting things away. With all of the help it went quite quickly. Judy and I arrived home about 9:30, tired but very happy. 

Best wishes for happiness now and forever! We love you!

A Major Ing Family Breakthrough

For years I have been stumped! My Robert Ing first appears, when he marries Rosamond Richardson in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, on 24 Dec 1788. Prior to that, there seems to be nobody by that name in the area. Thursday night, no one came to the Family History Center. I felt prompted to search and found his christening:

Buckinghamshire baptism index Transcription
First name(s) Robert
Last name Ing
Birth year -
Baptism year 1759
Baptism date 26 Aug 1759
Denomination Anglican
Place Weston Turville
Father's first name(s) John
Father's last name Ing
Mother's first name(s) Mary
County Buckinghamshire
Country England
Event Baptisms, marriages & burials
Records year range 1575-1837
Archive Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Archive reference D/A/T/180
Document type Bishop's transcripts
Record set Buckinghamshire Baptism Index
Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers)
Subcategory Births & baptisms
Collections from England, United Kingdom

Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire, England is only about 13 miles from where he was married! When I added his parents to the FamilySearch Family Tree, they generously brought their ancestors with them.

On the Ing line: Robert < John < Joseph < Elisha < Elisha < William < John < Mr. Ing (born about 1538) and Weedon and Turner lines going further back. Ralph de Wedon born 1180 and John Turney born 1419, William Glascock 1266, John de Grey of Berwick about 1200, and probably others. This can now be seen in the FamilySearch Family Tree, and pedigree charts and family group charts can be printed from the Person pages. (A free account is needed. This is where I put all of my best material.)

It has certainly changed the aspect of my Ing line. I am thankful for the prompting to check an online service that has generally been unproductive for me. I will try to use it more often in the future.

I have subsequently spent a few hours adding sources to these lines.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Yesterday at church, a lady about my age described her panic as she was driving her brand-new car home from Edmonton one night and suddenly realized she had no idea where to find the light switch!

As she told this story, two things came to mind. One was the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared." ... good advice in almost any situation.

The other thing was a personal experience from a long time ago. My friend Gary Mitchell was allowed to take a few friends from Edgewater to Radium Hot Springs in his parents' brand new 1959 Pontiac. You may remember these. They were slightly smaller than a supertanker and had double tail fins on both sides. In their day that was class!!!

It was dark, so he was driving with the headlights on, and all went well until it started raining. As we were driving through Sinclair canyon (a snaky course between solid rock walls), he reached down to turn on the wipers and accidentally turned off the headlights! With scant seconds to live, our short lives flashed through our minds. Fortunately, Gary found the light switch and turned the lights on, in time to avoid the rock walls of the canyon.

The point of the story is that it is important to plan ahead and know what to do in an emergency situation, before the emergency occurs. In other words, to "Be Prepared", because if we have decided beforehand what we are going to do, there is less need to panic, and we can make reasoned response to a looming emergency.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Feedspot Top 100 Genealogy Blogs

I received a pleasant surprise. My blog is mostly my personal musings about family history. I wish to thank you for taking the time to read it.


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