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Sunday, March 05, 2017

"Great Grandma Buchanan"

My mother is approaching her 97th birthday.

She is a remarkable woman and has lived a remarkable life.

Born in 1920, she would have grown up among tales of the horrors of "The Great War".

She experienced the Great Depression first hand, as one farm after another "dried up".

Her brothers and two brothers-in-law were soldiers during "World War II".

A fall last year resulted in a broken femur and her remaining years will almost certainly be spent in a wheelchair.

Tomorrow she faces surgery for an "aggressive cancer". She may not survive the surgery, but she doesn't fear it. It is just another obstacle to be faced in life.

You would think that she had every reason to be discouraged with life, but she has enjoyed life and has always had great faith in the future. She represents much of what is right and good about humanity. She and her husband were always ready to share the little they had with others. And they always had time for family and friends.

Best wishes Mom! You are in our thoughts and our prayers!

Success in researching Judy's Constable family

This past week I have had a lot of success researching Judy's Constable family, who lived in the Beverley area of Eastern Yorkshire England.

We knew that the parents of Jane Constable, who married Robert Teal were Thomas Constable and Hannah Smith, but we were stuck at that point.

This time, I found tons of information at FamilySearch and some online parish registers.

The Teale family was from the Howden area of Yorkshire, but I found Jane's christening a little bit north of there, in the North Cave parish. Her ancestors were mostly found in Cherry Burton parish, which apparently consisted of a main street and surrounding farms. Her ancestor Richard Constable, born 1601 is described in his son Richard's marriage record as an "inholder", which I believe to be the same thing as a "inn keeper". He was definitely not a "husbandman" or farmer, like most of his neighbors.

Marriage Register:
A marriage intended to bee had betwixt Richard Constable of  Chirriburton [Cherry Burton] sonne of Richard Constable of the same Inholder &  Marie Trewlove doughter of W"^ [Wm.] Trewlove pish [parish] of Kirk Bourne Husbandman both of the age of twentie yeares and upwards were published in the pish  [parish] Church of Cherryburton, &c. vid June 3** 

* This paragraph is lined and the following substituted. 
The Registers of Cherry Burton. 53 
1655. 1'^^ same pties [parties] weere published againe as abovesd the lo*'^ day of June, &c. The same pties, &c., the 17'^ day of June. Richard Constable abovesd was Married to the above named Marie Trewlove the third day of Julie 1655. Att Etton. In the presence of Mary Trewlove by mee J. Canlabye: 

Tracing this family back another 173 years has been a beautiful experience. The big unanswered question is "Who were the parents of Richard Constable of Cherry Burton, who was born in 1601?" I do not see that the Cherry Burton register and FamilySearch answer this question, The Cherry Burton parish register covers that time period and other Constables were christened there, but apparently not Richard. I suspect that his father is Thomas, who had 7 children christened or buried there in 1605-1624, but there is a chance that his father was John, who had a son Marmaduke christened in 1599.

It is thrilling to be looking for "our" people in records that are over 400 years old! I feel that I have come to know these families and the little community where they lived.

To me it points to the necessity of returning to your data and looking at it again and again.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

RootsTech and Beyond

RootsTech is finished for another year. I have enjoyed watching all of the RootsTech2017 presentations that are available for viewing on the internet. They can still be seen. The list of recorded sessions follow. To view them click Fun! Motivational! Helpful!

Wednesday Sessions

Full Session
Innovator Summit General Session 2017

Liz Wiseman
Innovator Summit General Session 2017

Steve Rockwood
Innovator Summit General Session 2017

Ben Bennett; Craig Bott, Grow Utah; Heather Holmes, TapGenes; Nick Jones, JRNL, Inc; Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch
Industry Trends and Outlook

Cydni Tetro
Innovation: Best Practices and Applications

Showdown Semi-Finalists
Innovator Showdown Semi-Final

Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories
Metadata—Writing on the Back of a Digital Photo

RootsTech Logo
Blog Innovator Summit Innovator Showdown Family Discovery Day

Thursday Sessions

Full Session
RootsTech General Session 2017: Thursday

Drew and Jonathan Scott
RootsTech General Session 2017

Steve Rockwood
RootsTech General Session 2017

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017

Kelli Bergheimer
Getting Started in Genealogy

Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide
DNA: The Glue that Holds Families Together

Dana Drutman
DNA Matching on MyHeritage

Lara Diamond
Jewish Genealogy: Where to Look and What's Available

Angie Bush
My Ancestors are in MY DNA!

Crystal Farish; Rhonna Farrer
Family History Is Anything but Boring

RootsTech Logo
Blog Innovator Summit Innovator Showdown Family Discovery Day

Friday Sessions

Kenyatta Berry; Sherri Camp; Melvin Collier
RootsTech General Session 2017: African Heritage Presentations

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017

Jason Hewlett and Finalists
Innovator Showdown Finals 2017

Judy G. Russell
Mothers, Daughters, Wives: Tracing Female Lines

Mary Kircher Roddy
Censational Census Strategies

Amy Harris
Next Steps in British Research

Sunny Morton
Big 4: Comparing Ancestry, findmypast, FamilySearch and MyHeritage

Rorey Cathcart; D. Joshua Taylor; Rich Venezia
You Found it Where? Unusual Records

Jen Baldwin
Cross the Atlantic with Religious Records

Anna Graff; Jennifer Hadley; Katie Smith; Andrew Thomas; Tyler Thorsted
How to Preserve Your Family Heirlooms

Saturday Sessions

Full Session
RootsTech General Session 2017: Saturday

Buddy Valastro
RootsTech General Session 2017

CeCe Moore
RootsTech General Session 2017

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017

Steve Reed, JRNL, Inc.
Journaling Principles that Work

Crista Cowan, Ancestry
Don’t Just Be a Searcher, Be a Researcher

Katherine R. Willson
Creating Google Alerts for Your Genealogy

So what is missing? Ron Tanner, that's what! 

Ron is a perpetual favorite as he is highly entertaining as well as being the general manager of Family Tree, Historical Records and other fascinating stuff! He can give us a glimpse of what is under consideration for future changes at Somehow his session did not get recorded. ... or did it?

A friend gave a link to where I could find several Ron Tanner videos, including a home video of much of Ron's RootsTech presentation.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Maybe your FHC can make use of some of these presentations,