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Monday, September 21, 2009

This past week I posted a large number of queries on GenesReunited for information on my Ing, Waller/Walder, and Goldring lines. I drew a blank on Ing, found some interesting prospects on the Waller line, and some excellent replies on the Goldring line. Some of the Goldring information draws different conclusions than my own research, but it also goes back a little further. It is worth further investigation. I will continue to look for better information. In some cases I have had to prune off branches from my family tree when the evidence has built up to the point where old conclusions are no longer sustainable. That may seem sad, but I want to have the correct information.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I follow Dick Eastman's Genealogy Blog. It is a good source of information. A recent article talks about family myths. One myth that it brought to mind in my Watson family was the Linnen Estate Story. My family told me that we were entitled to a share of the estate of two brothers (or cousins) of my great grandmother Elizabeth Linnen Watson. These two brothers were said to have been given land for their service in the British army before their deaths in the service, and much of the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada was said to be built upon this land. So even a small share would make us wealthy. Later research showed that Adam Linnen was a Canadian militia man killed in the battle of the windmill at Windmill Point, Edwardsburgh Twp, Grenville, Ontario, Canada on 13 Nov 1838 while opposing an invasion force of American "irregulars". His widow married my 2ggfather Richard Welsh so there was another connection to the fallen hero. (So far as I know neither of his brothers died in the miliary.) And oh, yes ... Adam Linnen had 10 children of his own. If there was a valuable estate, they would be the ones entitled to it, not my branch of the family! But there was an element of truth in this inaccurate but interesting family story. I was recently contacted by a descendant of AWP Buchanan of Montreal. We have not established a connection to this family, but they came from County Tyrone too. If any family member is interested in contacting Roger White, please let me know. "Bill: I was searching the internet and found your website. No doubt that you are aware of "The Buchanan Book"written by my maternal grandfather, AW Patrick Buchanan, of Montreal. The full text is on the internet at [That link didn't work, but I found the book here: ] ... Roger WB White Ottawa ON & Montebello QC"