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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Download The Buchanan Family Tree Book updated to December 2009 I have updated my website by adding the link to the new version of the Buchanan Family Tree book. Now I will add the link here also. This link should take you to my page at which lists three of my books that can be downloaded from there: This link will take you directly to the Buchanan Family Tree book. Loss of an excellent resource When discontinued the Geocities web sites, our Buchanan and Watson descendants lost a valuable resource, Patty Hopkinson's web site. Patty hopes to have it installed on a new server soon. I will try to keep you posted.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It has been a very good week. I created a December 2009 version of the Buchanan Family Tree book, which adds 304 of Andrew and Jane's descendants since my 2007 version of the BFT book. Within the next few days I will have it available on my website for downloading. (Nearly half of those names came from Debbie Kerkowich's genealogy of the descendants of Robert Buchanan and Sarah Agnes Jackson. One person's contributions can make a big difference.)
Our Artistic Cousins I received an email from Marion Joyce (Mernie) Buchanan, who is an artist in California. It included her website, This has a link to her sister Catherine's website. Both websites include bios of the artists. They are daughters of Roy Norman Buchanan and Joan Marion Clausen. Here is a picture of Mernie from her website:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Here is part of a reply to Debbie Bare Kerkowich. Note that the photos were provided to the web site by Don and Marylin Holmes, who have been an on-going source of help in Buchanan family history.
Wow Debbie, can you give me copies of these obits? Please see my comments below. [...] When we visited Donegal and Atwood in 2002, there were Buchanans living in the area including John "Andrew" Buchanan, William "Earl" Buchanan, and Gary Buchanan. We missed the opportunity to visit Gary because I didn't realize that he lived on the far end of William and Ann's old farm. You can find photos of grave stones in the Donegal cemetery online, with lots of familiar names. The site is excellent, but they seem to have terrible time spelling "Donegal"!!!
-----Original Message----- From: "Debbie Kerkowich" Date: 30/11/2009 11:36 PM To: "Bill Buchanan" <>
Subject: Re: hello from Manitoba Hi Bill, I just had to drop you a quick line to tell someone what I have found. I had asked my husbands aunt and uncle who live in Mitchell, Ont. to help me figure out how to contact the local newspapers to place an ad to try to get in contact with any of the Buchanan family members still there. they were able to give me 2 and I found 2 more myself by picking around on the net. all 4 go to areas around Perth, Listowel, Atwood, and more. I have send 2 emails to ask for prices of the ad and will send letters to the other 2 because I can not find email addresses for them. also I have found some very recent obits. in these papers for the Buchanan family and descendants. Bruce Buchanan who's parents are William and Coral [I can't identify this person] Mabel Sage who's parents are Charles and Clara (Danbrook) [I am very interested in this one] Gladys Buchanan who's husband is Carman Buchanan [I am very interested in this one, Carman is Mabel's brother] Paul Howard Mathews Welsh who's wife is Faye A. Pestell [I am very interested in this one, Faye's sister Delores married John Andrew Buchanan. My wife and I visited Andy and Delores in 2002.] Frances Turner who's husband is Gordon Turner. this one caught my attention because she was born at Cook Creek in Manitoba.[I can't find a connection yet.] all these also contained lots of family info. Debbie