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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day, Grandpa Ing!

Recently my brother Lloyd brought me a special gift. It was an old mantle clock that was purchased new by my grandfather, Richard Samuel Ing. I asked my mother, now aged 95, how old the clock was. She said "I don't know for sure, but they had it before I was born." "I remember that I would have been about 5 years old when the original glass got broken."  Lloyd told how Grandpa Ing would remove the clockwork mechanism and soak it in coal oil to clean it and lubricate it. I don't think I would risk it.

My mother's parents were both born in London, England. When they retired they sold their farm and moved into Breton, where we got to see them every Saturday. We would meet our relatives there, and it was always fun. They had a big tin box of buttons that the younger children could string together, or make buildings out of dominoes. We could also play checkers or board games. Grandma and Grandpa always had time for us. Both had a good sense of humor, and I remember lots of smiles and laughs at their house. Grandpa liked to play harmless practical jokes. He would say "Oh, look at that pretty bird sitting on the tree outside the window". When you turned to look, he would say "Oh, it just flew away!" When you turned back, your dessert had disappeared. He would always return it with a big smile. On one occasion, I remember him passing food to me and saying, "Would you like some peas?" "Yes, Grandpa." He put three peas on my plate and then pretended he was going to pass the bowl to someone else. But he would pause, with a grin and a twinkle in his eye, to ask me if I wanted some more.

They loved each other deeply and enjoyed life very much. The ticking of this clock counted the seconds, hours and years of their lives. I can hear it ticking now behind me as I write these words. Thank you, Grandpa Ing. Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Genealogy is not all about ancestors!

It is also about descendants. Judy and I are very proud of our children and our grandchildren. My oldest grand daughter married a wonderful young man on Saturday.

Tananda and Nathan looked wonderful! They are good people and should be happy together forever.

The sun started to shine and it warmed up a bit for photos. Later, we rode to the North Stake Center for the family dinner. This was a beautiful roast beef dinner, complete with horse radish, which I really enjoy! We sat with Andrew's family, then with Blaine's family. 

Rachel sat at Blaine and Nina's table too, doing an incredibly good job of blowing bubbles using the party favors. I did my best blowing bubbles too, but she was in a much higher league.

Even the teens and pre-teens had fun chumming with their cousins. My mother aged 95 was there, and saw her new great granddaughter Felicity for the first time. They were the oldest and youngest of my immediate family. 

At the reception, Judy and I were among the people asked to come up to the microphone, and Judy told the story of Charlotte Eley's brooch. Since my ancestor Samuel Wright gave it to his bride Charlette Eley in 1880, Tananda is the 6th generation of brides in our family to wear the brooch. I couldn't top that story, so I said nothing ... not typical of me at all. I especially loved the family history connection that the brooch makes.

In every way it was a beautiful wedding! Best wishes kids!