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Monday, May 13, 2019

A Mother's Day Break-through

Yesterday morning, a couple of hours before church, I noticed a familiar empty spot in my ancestral fan chart. Yes …. Ruth's parents. I see Ruth as my 2ggm in the Robert Ing family in the 1851 census of England and Wales. I also see her death registration in the General Register Office index. But neither of these records says who her parents are. I have done numerous searches over many years, but none has revealed her maiden surname or her parents. 

I felt a flash of inspiration. Does she have any children born after 1 July 1837? Yes, my grandfather's aunt Emily Ing. I searched the General Register Office index website, a site I have had access to for maybe 3 years.

Name:                 Mother's Maiden Surname:
ING, EMMA           BARNES
GRO Reference: 1840 S Quarter in MARYLEBONE Volume 01 Page 156

I believe this to be Emily Ing's birth registration based on:
Name: Emma is often a nickname for Emily/Emilie/Emelia
Date: I estimated her birth as 1839, and this record is 1840.
Place: Emily was born in Marylebone

So this all seems to match.

Then Ruth's maiden name was Barnes. From the 1851 census, I showed her as born about 1800 in Paddington,

I found this christening record.

NAME: Ruth Barnes
GENDER: Female
BAPTISM DATE: 29 Nov 1801
BAPTISM PLACE: Chesham, Buckingham, England
FATHER: John Barnes
MOTHER: Philis
John Barnes
Ruth Barnes

The baptism place is shown as Chesham, which is also where her husband Robert Ing was born. She may have been born in Paddington. but christened back in the old home parish, as was the case of Mary Ann Forsbury, my GGM's sister.

Further research on the Barnes family added 12 more people to my ancestral family tree.

Happy Mother's Day 2 GGM Ruth Barnes! 


At church the children sang songs about their love for their mothers. Two of my youngest grandchildren were in the children's chorus, I love them dearly, and I am very proud of them.

One of my friends remarked humorously, "Our wives are being given flowers at church, so we don't need to buy flowers for them!"

My wife received cards, flowers, even a tiny herb garden, from our children during Mother's Day. Today, if all goes well we will get her garden tilled, and ready for planting.


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