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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Help Finding Another Grave in Wetaskiwin

After Ted Lidgett's funeral, Judy and I looked for my grandpa Buchanan's grave, firstly at the City Hall and then at Public Works. As we were getting out of our car, a white Public Works pickup truck was coming out of the gate and the driver stopped to ask f we needed help. I explained that I was looking for my grandfather's grave. He explained that the office had just closed, but gave us directions to the old cemetery and where to find the index.

We had no trouble following his directions, and the index was even open to the correct page. William Andrew Buchanan was listed there along with the plot number of his grave, but there was no map to show us where the plot was located. I wrote down the information and then we went looking for the grave. Fortunately, there are numerous section markers, but I was still having trouble finding 9999 in S2.

The white pickup truck from Public Works pulled into the cemetery a few minutes later, and the driver got out of the truck to help me find the grave. After a few minutes he phoned the man who manages that cemetery, who came over as soon as he was finished banking. I so impressed by these two good men! They had both completed their day's work, but instead of going home for supper they wanted to help me. They found what might be the right location but said I would have to phone the office tomorrow to be sure.

Bless them both for their kindness.

My follow-up phone call confirmed that they had found the correct grave. We plan to put a tombstone on it in 2020.

My grandfather, whom we ALL* called "Pa" was a blacksmith in the days when they were an essential part of all farming communities. They sharpened tools, fixed tools, and even created tools that were needed for the everyday tasks of farming families. He owned blacksmith shops in Manitoba and Alberta. Even after his retirement he had a small blacksmith shop on Jack's farm, where he resided at the time of his death in 1948. The family was poor and could not afford a tombstone then, but our circumstances have improved.

*ALL includes his children and their friends, his grandchildren and their friends. On one occasion, someone asked the McCallum boys what they were doing. They answered "We are waiting for Daddy and Pa.", which probably left that person more puzzled than ever.


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