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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Heirloom Brooch

NOTE: The idea for this blog post was sparked by Patience Brewster, a designer of unique gifts who shares photos of heirlooms from her family on her blog 


Before their marriage in London, England on February 22, 1880 Samuel Wright gave a special brooch to his fiancee, Charlotte Harriet Eley. Charlotte was wearing this brooch when they were married.

The brooch is about 1.5 inches (less than 4 cm) long. It is gold with a ruby in the center and two small pearls on either side. (I apologize for the poor quality of the color in this photo.) 

Later, Charlotte gave it to their daughter Louisa Ellen Wright when Louisa left England to marry Richard Samuel Ing in Canada. She was the second generation to wear the brooch, when they were married in Macklin, Saskatchewan, on 6 Jul 1913.

She passed the brooch to their daughter Dorothy May Ing. When Dorothy married William George Buchanan on 22 Feb 1941 at Winfield, Alberta, Canada, she was the third generation of brides wearing the heirloom brooch.

Dorothy passed the brooch to her eldest son’s fiancee Judith Marlene Kinney. When Judy married William Richard Buchanan in Raymond, Alberta, Canada on 23 Mar 1968 she was the fourth generation wearing Charlotte’s brooch.

When Bill and Judy’s daughter Laurel Rae Buchanan married Christopher West Layton, she was the fifth generation of brides wearing the special brooch.

In a few week's time Laurel's oldest daughter will be the 6th generation of brides wearing Charlotte's brooch on her wedding day.

We hope that there will be future generations of brides in our family wearing this special family heirloom.

This heirloom means a lot to our family. We have had it in the family for over 130 years. Through this brooch we feel a part of these ancestors. It has helped us to feel connected to them. This brooch has been a common link that has united our family across the generations. I’m thankful for our ancestors and the heritage they have given us.


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