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Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Big Move

After 41 years on our acreage, and 4 months living at Evelyn's house, we finally moved into our new home on Thursday October 30th. There had been a skiff of snow and there was a cold wind, but at least there was no mud to contend with. James rented a U-Haul truck and we moved his belongings in firstly, and then we went to Evelyn's and loaded up ours. Other than the bed and the piano and clothing, most of our things were stored in Evelyn's garage. For the move, we had good help from the Spruce Grove Ward, and my ever-supportive brother Lloyd. But the piano was a struggle. Judy wanted Karin to have the piano, as Judy's hands are bothered by arthritis. We finally got the piano moved into James and Karin's part of the house, with a little superficial damage to the bottom. As I sit here writing, 5 weeks later, I can hear Karin playing Christmas carols on the piano upstairs. Karin is enjoying the piano. It is what we hoped for.

We found that our living room furniture would not fit through the patio doors. And we could find no way to remove the patio doors. We had to carry the couches back up the hill to the front entrance and bring them in that way. The stairway was so narrow that the paint and plaster were damaged in one spot. Other than that, things went really well.

The following Thursday was very rainy. It is a good thing we did not have to move on that day. The yard would have been a sea of mud.

We are enjoying our new home. It is smaller of course, but at nearly 900 square feet, it will meet our needs nicely. I love having good water, our own laundry room, better internet access, and everything is new, for the first time since we built the house on the acreage in 1977-1978.

I spent the past 5 weeks sorting through my boxes of genealogy papers, but that is basically completed now. I scanned and uploaded all of the certificates.

Maybe I will serve another FamilySearch Support mission, starting about March. I would like to be able to do that. We provide after-school care for Evelyn's children on three days per week, and we serve two shifts as volunteers, so my time is not entirely my own. But I like to keep busy.


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