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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Roots and Branches
Family history deals with both our roots (ancestral families) and our branches (descendant families). Last weekend, I had to choose between them. It was the Ing family reunion ... possibly the last one where the four surviving children would be present. It was also my daughter's family's move to a somewhat remote town, where she would begin her teaching career. As the family historian, I had been looking forward to the reunion for the past year, but as a parent I knew where my first priority had to be. My daughter and my son-in-law Ed would be driving their vehicles, a son and daughter-in-law (J&K) were camping near the destination. I was needed to drive the moving van.
The Move
My wife (who doesn't drive in the city) dropped me off at a son's house, and we picked up the 26-foot rental truck. With help from other family members and friends, we loaded the truck in Edmonton. Then I set off for Wabasca-Demarais. I decided to by-pass the city of St Albert, to save time and effort. But on the new route I kept looking for a gas station as I anxiously watched the fuel gauge of the unfamiliar vehicle drop lower and lower. At Westlock I was able to buy gas, and I proceeded with more confidence. At Slave Lake I called J&K to let them know where I was. They told me that they were waiting for me in Wabasca and that Ed was about an hour behind me. From Slave Lake to Wabasca is about a 90-minute drive, through seemingly unending forest. I had supper with J&K while waiting for the others to arrive. Then we followed Ed to the house, and unloaded the truck. I am not very good at moving heavy items but helped reassemble the furniture. The rest of us slept there, while Ed drove back to Edmonton with two young men he had hired to help. The next morning I dropped off the one-way rental truck in Slave Lake, and rode back to Spruce Grove with J&K. We arrived partway through church. After church my dear wife and I drove home.
The Reunion and After
I had lunch and then drove to the reunion. Only two couples were still there, so I visited with them. My aunt Myrtle and uncle Evans talked to me about another reunion coming up soon, and asked what information I might have on his ancestry. So for the past few days I have been researching his ancestry. Fascinating stuff! I now know that he is of native Indian descent on one of his lines. I don't think he knows that!
Tonight I have a shift at the Family History Center. I wonder what adventures await me there!


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