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Thursday, May 14, 2009

In 2002 I purchased a reprint of "A Historical and Genealogical Essay Upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan" by William Buchanan of Auchmar, originally published in 1723. My latest project has been creating a lineage-linked file of the main lines in PAF by systematically copying information from the book. I had expected to find this already done, but didn't find it. Then I found the book itself as part of a larger book in Google Books! Auchmar's longer book is the "family Bible" of Scotland's clans and especially (you guessed it) Clan Buchanan. You can read the book online or save a copy! "Miscellanea Scotica - Memoirs of the ancient alliance between France and Scotland"! Cheers for Google Books!,M1 Or this shorter address:
This is a treasure you are not going to want to miss. The early stories of Buchanan of Arnpryor are wonderful. (starting at page 200) This is where the story of the "King of Kippen" comes in and other fun stuff as well as the "boring genealogy". I had to chuckle at the story of the Irish wet nurse who scares off a bullying laird after he threatens to burn the castle down if she doesn't leave. I noticed with sadness the reference to John Buchanan, grandson of Andrew Buchanan 2nd laird of Arnpryor being killed in the battle of Glenfruin. This is sometimes called "the last clan battle", with some Buchanans and Grahams supporting Clan Colquoun of Luss against Clan MacGregor and its allies. This battle (and the massacre of students who foolishly went there to watch) was "the straw that broke the camel's back". Luss knew how to rally public (and royal) opinion to their cause. 50 women paraded the bloody shirts of their slain husbands, brothers and sons before the king! Clan MacGregor was outlawed and for several generations the death penalty awaited anyone who dared to take that name upon themselves! Another book I found online this week is the "Buchanan of Montreal" genealogy, which brings Auchmar's genealogy forward in time. THE BUCHANAN BOOK - THE LIFE OF - ALEXANDER BUCHANAN, Q.C., - OF MONTREAL, FOLLOWED BY AN ACCOUNT OF THE FAMILY OF BUCHANAN, BY ' A. W. PATRICK BUCHANAN, K.C - PRINTED FOR PRIVATE CIRCULATION. Patty Hopkinson had recommended this book to me recently. I was delighted to find it! It may provide additional clues to our Buchanans. I will examine it after getting my present projects wrapped up. One last thing, Patty sent me an email message today saying that a perfect DNA match (67 markers) has been found with a member of a different Buchanan family from County Tyrone. Their genealogy goes back to the same 1700's time period as ours, but further matches should help us with the "paper trail" further back in time!


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