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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Over the past two weeks I have been working on another project. Since October 1999 the Buchanan family listserv has been a handy way for mwembers of the family to pool their research findings. Originally it was, then when Yahoo took over, it became This was a closed list, available to descendants of Andrew and Jane Buchanan who left County Tyrone, Ireland in 1847 by sailing ship to come to Canada.

Editorial comment: I felt that the postings to this email list were too good to lose. I have previously published some of them e.g. "Letters From the Past", but much of the research would be lost if the list and archives of the group ceased to exist. I didn’t want to take that chance. The postings are listed in chronological order, not by topic. There is no index, but the electronic document is easily searchable by computer. I have endeavored to delete personal information on living people where it is provided in personal letters and email messages. (Subscribers to the list can find that information in the List archives.) Where personal information has been previously published in books, newspapers, etc. it has not been deleted. Yahoo deletes the last part of all email addresses from the archives. Yahoo also deletes all attachments. So we don’t have access to them. I hope these postings will continue to be a help to all who are researching our Buchanans and related families. Unless other members of the list object, I consider this document to be publicly accessible to all people interested in researching these families. If they would like their postings removed, they should contact me at
... now I am waiting for Suzanne's approval to make the book public. If she says no, I will keep it for my own reference. If she says Yes, I will make it public. I find it useful as sort of a research log of the contributions of various family members.


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