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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bowl At Thanksgving we had a beautiful family dinner at our son Blaine's house. Judy took along our special chinaware created by her aunt Sally Hippard. Sally gave these to Judy shortly before she died, and they are a family treasure. They have been carefully protected and are used for special family dinners. It was a wonderful dinner! Nina also arranged with a neighbor to take our family photos in the park across the street. As we were packing to leave, I went to the car to get the towels we used to protect the dishes. As I picked up the towels, a bowl fell out and crashed on the paved driveway. It was one of Sally's hand-made bowls. She had mixed the slip, poured it in the mould, cleaned the greenware and scratched her "Happy Haven" picture and "SEH 1978" into the base, and then fired it in her electric kiln. Then she added the decals and glazing to the bisque and fired it again. It was a work of love and the passion of creation. Now it lay in pieces. It was no one's fault, but I grieved its loss! I put the broken pieces on the rear floor of our car, expecting to give them a burial on our acreage. But Judy did the reasonable thing and cleaned the car and threw them out. I still grieved its loss. A few days later I was talking to Bill Thomas, with whom I serve at He said he would need two days off. His friend's son had committed suicide. The viewing was on Tuesday and the burial on Wednesday. I felt unbelievably foolish to be grieving over a bowl when someone else was grieving the loss of a son! It occurred to me that I attach too much importance to things ... not to money, but to objects I have grown attached to. Often these are objects that have no value to anyone else, but precious memories keep them dear to my heart. I realize that sooner or later there comes the time when all of these things are left behind. But emotionally, I don't think I am at that point yet.


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