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Friday, January 02, 2009

Camping in the 1970s with Rob and Blaine
A week before Christmas our furnace quit. Two of our friends came over and spent most of the evening trying to get it working. It is a blessing to have friends! Then, the next day the furnace came on. Then a few days later it quit again. We were able to get a furnace mechanic to get it running again, but it is on its last legs. Another friend offered us a 9-year old furnace for free! A few days before Christmas, my brother Lloyd dropped in for a visit. He bought our mother a digital picture frame for Christmas and wanted to get some family photos that he could upload to the picture frame. We spent an enjoyable hour or so looking through my family photos and copying them to his flash drive. On Christmas eve our son Rob arrived, and then our daughter Evelyn and her family. On Christmas day all of the family were there. It was wonderful! We visited, ate, played games, etc. Everyone seemed impressed by our new family room, which cost us maybe $600. We were planning on staying home on New Year's eve, but we received an invitation from Laurel to spend the evening with her family and Evelyn's and Blaine's and Andrew's. So we did. It was very nice. We reminisced about camping trips and camping spots we had used over the years, from the comfort of The Whistlers in Jasper with its hot showers, to the paved lot on Mount Whistler, BC where the camping fee didn't even include trees or grass. And Hope, BC where it seemed we spent hours in the laundromat waiting for wet clothing and bedding to dry! But it was the form of travel we used in the 1960s-1980s. It was popular back then and very affordable. All in all, 2008 was a very good year and 2009 might be better yet. Best wishes to all!


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