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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ing-Forsbury Family Reunion Despite the rain, we had a wonderful family reunion today. It will continue through tomorrow. I saw my new nephew Domenic Buchanan for the first time. And I saw many Waller descendants that I hadn't seen for a year or more. Some of the Suters were there (descendants of Martha Jane Forsbury's youngest child, Ada Louise Ing). Sheila (Boarer) and her sister Sylvia (Homeniuk) spent over an hour going over Irene kerr's book on the descendants of James Waller and Mary Ann Wheeler. Then when I was starting to think of leaving, I decided to wait another half hour to allow another of the Suters a chance to look through the book. I had printed a Waller descendancy list and taped it on the wall, and several other people spent time looking at it, especially the list of our Australian cousins. This morning I received an email from David Petters, whose 1st cousin 3 times removed (Elizabeth Petter) married the James Waller born in 1799. He sent me the Rogate baptisms, marriages and burials. I had to pry myself away from it to leave for the reunion. When I got home I continued my study of Waller/Walder births marriages and deaths. I found what I hoped for. Rogate baptismsDate Child Father Mother Surname02/08/1812 Ann Henry Martha WALLER Note that the surname is given as WALLER in this source, whereas the IGI transcription gives it as WALTER. I now have no qualms about declaring our Ann Waller as the daughter of Henry Waller and Martha New. I am confident that she is also the grand daughter of William Waller (or Walder) and Mary Peckwell. And great grand daughter of William Waller and Elizabeth Mills. And 2g-grand daughter of William Waller (or Walder) and Elizabeth Goldring. And 3g-grand daughter of William Waller (or Walder) and Jane. Oh, what a wonderful day! ________________________________________________________ I have been reminded by two people in the past two days to update my blog. I didn't even know that anyone else read it! I will resolve to do better. ________________________________________________________


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