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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Lidgett Family Book   
Last Wednesday, after my FHC director's meeting I stopped by my cousin Ernie Lidgett's house to photograph the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal received by their son, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While I was there, they talked about the Lidgett Family Book that we had discussed 2 or 3 years ago. Donna Lidgett had given me a $50 bill towards my expenses (which still sits in my wallet). On Wednesday I returned home with a large envelope of papers and another envelope of old photos. My "mission" was to turn all of this into a book.

Over the past week I have been inputting and verifying information. I already had some of it, but I had to review the papers and make sure that the computer file was complete as possible. I also had to scan the photos, and the results here were disappointing. My current scanner is a Lexmark, and it does not do as good of job as my old scanners did. But I have now scanned the photos. I hope the results are acceptable.

I also did additional research and made some phone calls to Ernie and Donna to fill in some blanks. I knew that Ivy Firth was a cousin the Uncle Albert, but I could not fit her into the family tree. Guess what! She is from the Lee side of the family tree! Once I knew that I was able to find information about her. Donna mentioned that my own mother looked after Ivy's oldest son while Ivy was away to give birth to her younger son. I knew that Mom had worked for the Olson family as a teenager, and that Ivy had married one of the Olson sons, but hadn't realized that Mom knew Ivy.

In any case, I feel that progress is being made on the Lidgett book. Here are their smiling faces coming to Canada.
Jim, Art, Fred, Albert
Jack, Kate, Liza, Jim, Ivy Firth (niece)
granddaughter Peggy


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