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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Mystery of Gertrude Buchanan Who is Gertrude Buchanan, the daughter of James A Buchanan and Jennie Annie Hodgson? Over the past few days, Susan and I have been trying to figure this out, with help from Donald Hendrix, who is related by marriage to Mary M Buchanan's husband John Edward Newlean. Here is what the current version of my database has regarding James' children of his second marriage: Children of James A. BUCHANAN and Jennie Annie HODGSON 1. Corrine Andrew or "Norman" BUCHANAN (b.1897-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1951-Seattle,King,Washington,USA)2. Cora Ellen or "Carol" BUCHANAN (b.1899-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1966-Seattle,King,Washington,USA)3. Lottie M. BUCHANAN (b.1901-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA)4. Mary M. BUCHANAN (b.1902-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA)5. Robert BUCHANAN (b.1905-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA)6. Carl M. BUCHANAN (b.1906-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA)6. Clifford C. BUCHANAN (b.1907-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1937-Kodiak,Alaska,USA)7. Gertrude BUCHANAN (b.1909-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1974)8. Everett J. B. BUCHANAN (b.1911-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1995-Juneau,Juneau,Alaska,USA)9. Florence BUCHANAN (b.1914-Lopez Island,San Juan,Washington,USA;d.1971) Previously, I had Gertrude shown as born about 1901, which led Donald to ask whether she and Gertrude were twins. He was closer than I thought. In the last couple of days, I did some more searching. I found the family in the 1910 and 1920 censuses, but there was no Gertrude. Whether she was born in 1901 or 1909, she should be with the rest of the family in the census! At this point I concluded that she did not exist. One of the three online family trees I found for this family gives what I believe to be the correct answer. It gives Gertrude as a nickname for Lottie M Buchanan.*v111t0535&id=I0142 Yesterday Susan sent me her grandfather's obituary, which may hold the final piece of the puzzle: JAMES BUCHANAN James H. Buchanan, 60, died suddenly at his home in north Riverside Saturday following a heart attack. Although Mr. Buchanan had been in ill health for some time, he had been able to be up and around until the fatal attack Saturday.Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'cloclt. in the Aaron Light Funeral home.Born November 9, 1883, in Carson City, Nevada, Mr. Buchanan had been a resident of this community for the past 16 years.Surviving him are his widow, Grace, one son, Virgil W. Buchanan, route 4; two grandchildren; brothers, Charles and Ed Buchanan of Lopez Isaland; Corrine, Deming; Carl and Everett, Sitka, Alaska.; four sisters, Mrs, Cora Graham, Seattle; Gertrude Buchanan, Sitka; Mrs. Mary Sampson, California; Mrs. Florence O'Sorrio, Philippine Islands. I notice that Gertrude is mentioned, but not Lottie. The evidence seems conclusive to me. If Gertrude is a nickname for one of the other daughters, "Gertrude" is not Cora, nor Mary, nor Florence, so Gertrude is Lottie M Buchanan. If you have any evidence to the contrary, please share it. Otherwise, I will consider that Gertrude is a nickname for Lottie. Bill Buchanan


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