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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Latest Books

Lidgett Family Book
I finished the Lidgett Family Book in July. Other than Uncle Albert's family, they are not related to me, but I agreed to do it as a favor to Ernie and Donna. It is 147 pages and involved collaborating with members of the Lidgett family located in various places in Canada and the UK. It was fun and it was tiring. I had originally planned to finish it in time for last Christmas, but it seemed like we were always waiting for information from one person or another. Eventually, I had to say "It is finished."

Ing Family in 2013 Book
In 2010 - 2012, this was intended as an update of the Ing Family in 1985 book that I edited many years ago. But I couldn't get people enthused about the idea. After completing the Lidgett book, I decided to use the Ing information I already had, and create a book. It still took time, but not nearly the estimated 150 hours that I spent on the Lidgett book. No one has seen the new Ing book yet. I plan to provide printed copies for Mom, Vi, and Myrtle at Myrtle and Evans' 70th wedding anniversary. Anyone else wanting it can download it for free from my Dropbox account.

More Books
Will I create any more books? If so, they will need to wait. For the next year, my priority needs to be getting our acreage ready for sale. Right now I also have people I need to train to do online support for  And soon it will be time to harvest the garden. It is a busy time, but a good time.

I have enjoyed the movie of the Dan Brown novel "Angels and Demons", with its amazing twist at the end. I can sympathize with Robert Langdon when he laments that if he could finish his research he could finally publish his book and sell a few dozen copies!


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