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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I just received this from NEHGS. They asked me to inform my readers. If you have New England ancestors, this may be of interest to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEHGS ANNOUNCES GROUNDBREAKING NEW PUBLICATION New information details the family of Thomas Brigham BOSTON, MA—October 19, 2010 – The New England Historic Genealogical Society is pleased to announce its new publication, The History of the Brigham Family: Descendants of Thomas Brigham, the first comprehensive treatment of this significant American family in nearly one hundred years. This new volume, compiled by Rhonda M. McClure of the NEHGS staff, reviews and updates (and, in some cases, amends) the accounts of Thomas Brigham, the family’s founder in America, that appeared in the earlier versions. McClure said, "I am excited for people to have a better understanding of this unique family, one that holds such a special place in the history of our country." Four years in the making, this new Brigham volume extends the history of this notable American family to the fourteenth generation. McClure has brought forward as many lines as possible, incorporating information from questionnaires supplied by descendants of Brigham sons and daughters. "We are very proud of this publication and are thrilled to share it with the world. Rhonda is one of our prized experts and this work is nothing less than a scholarly masterpiece," says NEHGS President and CEO, D. Brenton Simons. Among the notable Brigham descendants covered in the volume are Brigham’s Ice Cream founder Edwin Leon Brigham, SAT developer Carl Campbell Brigham, inventor Eli Whitney and former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush. The original volume of The History of the Brigham Family was published in 1907 and a second appeared in 1927. For more information, contact the NEHGS Sales Department at 617-226-1212 or visit the NEHGS website at


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