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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have spent some enjoyable time looking up records on the Washington State branch of the Buchanan family. The one of most interest to me is my grandmother. (I don't belong to Andrew and Mary Jane's branch of the family, but my grandparents were living in Tacoma when she died.) From the Washington State Death Records on Record Search This is a beta site for viewing data that will eventually be moved to the main website. It requires a free registration. [My Grandma!] Name : Elizabeth Buchanan Death date : 07 Jun 1923 Death place : Tacoma, Pierce, Washington Gender : Female Age at death : 42 years Estimated birth year : 1881 Marital status : Married Spouse name : Wm. A. Buchanan Father name : Geo. Watson Father Mother name : Jane Welch Film number : 2022220 Digital GS number : 4221451 Image number : 2330 Reference number : 554 Collection : Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just doing a search on Shelldrake and I came across your post. My family has owned Shelldrake since 1968 and I grew up there from a baby. It is always interesting to hear stories about the place that was my home. I was what you would call a lonely child there spending many days exploring and playing. It was hard to imagine that the town was once a thriving community. Looking back though I have no regrets of being raised there. It has made me into who I am. I believe there's a particular connection shared with those who lived there. It is just a unique and special place that has a great effect on you.

I have heard of the mill explosion before, but I didn't realize two men died in it. Do you have any photos of your great uncle? If you do I could cross check to see if he's in any of our pictures.

Someday, I might actually try to compile stories of those who lived there. Do you have any family stories that have been passed down regarding Shelldrake and life there?

Would love to hear anything you have.


Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 7:51:00 AM MST  

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