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Friday, November 25, 2016

New Computer

Lloyd loaned me his VanTec NexStar hard drive dock. It is a very nice and simple piece of hardware. You plug in the sata drive from the other computer into the base, connect the power and the USB cable to the computer and press the power switch. The plugged-in drive comes up as an additional drive on the computer and it is as simple as that. I would probably go out and buy one myself if I did not have a kind-hearted brother I can borrow one from.

I copied drive D (mostly photos) to my laptop, thereby filling the hard drive on my laptop to capacity. Hmmm… my idea of using the laptop as a replacement seems less viable than I had thought. And the laptop screen is really small in comparison.

Judy urged me to buy a new computer, but I would like one with a 1 terabyte hard drive and 8 GB of RAM, so probably a $600 purchase. “We can afford it”, she urged. I looked online and found that the Spruce Grove Staples had a new Lenovo H50 on sale for $429. I checked for online reviews and they seemed positive. So, after family home evening, we went to Staples, and bought the last one in the store. It set-up much quicker and easier than I expected. Before bedtime, I even had Microsoft Office365 installed and running. I was very favorably impressed.

Tuesday 22 November 2016 The new computer is serving beautifully. The files have been copied to it from my old computer, using Lloyd’s docking station. somehow, I am missing 2 files that I use. If I need to rebuild them, I can. I have also been unable to get into one email account, but I sometimes have had difficulty accessing that account previously. (by Thursday this email account was functional.)


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